Camphill Northern Region Association

We are nineteen Camphill communities in seven different countries, in the North of Europe. People with different abilities, gifts and needs live and work together in residential communities and day centres.

We support each other in bringing to life principles of the three-folding of the social organism, where freedom of the individual, the intrinsic equality of all people and the longing for brotherhood are the driving forces.


Supporting communities with people in need of special care

  • We provide economic support to member communities in need
  • We share information and give support in legislative and legal matters
  • We organize further education and training
  • We encourage networking and support by organizing activities across the region
  • We promote the philosophy of the Camphill Movement through organising, informing and supporting regional activities such as:
    • The Camphill Baltic Seminar
    • Lifelong learning
    • Summer Festivals
    • Conferences: anthroposophy, agricultural, artistic, renewable energy, craft-work


Camphill Northern Region Association

Malvikvegen 1333, 

7550 Hommelvik, Norway

Telephone: +47 40 108 408


Our team

Each member of the association represents a highly valuable entity, be it a mentor from “Tapola” in Finland, a cheese maker from “Rozkalni” in Latvia or a nurse and poet from “Hogganvik”, Norway – we are all equally important. Those who have lived in one of the communities for many years, who actively work, promote and support the Camphill Movement and its philosophy are responsible for organisational matters, teaching, mentoring and inspiring others.

Board Members

Matti Remes, Sweden, Chairman

Sarah Hagnauer, Latvia, Vice-chairman

Sabine Eitel, Norway

Vilnis Neimanis, Norway

Matti Tuovinen, Finland


Gerrit Overweg, Norway, Secretary, email:


    Legal information


    The Camphill Northern Region Association (CNRA) is registered in Norway as a charitable organization, Org. No. 988533742, and operates according to its Bylaws.

    The CNRA Board meets several times a year to discuss current issues, in particular the sourcing and disbursement of financial support for the various current projects.

    The CNRA Board is accountable to the General Assembly of delegates from all member communities, which meets yearly in Spring in one of the member communities on a rotational basis.


    Income is generated through membership fees, fundraising and through donations from organisations and private individuals.

    Expenditure is divided between meeting costs for common regional activities, giving targeted support to individual member communities, and also supporting inter-regional Camphill projects such as the Karl König Archives.

    To become a member of the CNRA

    To become a member of the CNRA you should contact and cooperate with one of your nearest Camphill Northern Region centres. The board members of the CNRA can also help you with this.


    “The healthy social life is found when, in the mirror of each human soul the whole community finds its reflection, and when in the community the strength of each one is living.” Rudolf Steiner