Why we raise funds

All Camphill communities have charitable status in their respective countries, and they receive bigger or smaller government grants or disability allowances for the provision of services for those people in the community who need them. This state or local government support is rarely enough to cover capital costs for building and developing the communities, and in some countries is not even enough to cover basic running costs at the standard we aim for in Camphill. So there are many projects across our region which hope to attract sponsors and donors to improve the standard of life or increase capacity of the communities.

You can follow a link to a project which you wish to support, or make a donation to the Camphill Northern Region here:


Camphill Northern Region Association

Malvikvegen 1333, 

7550 Hommelvik, Norway

Telephone: +47 40 108 408

Email: cnra@cnra.co

Bank Account for Donation:

IBAN: BE15 9670 4354 9730

Bank Code (Swift/BIC): TRWIBEB1XXX

Address: TransferWise Europe SE, Avenue Marnix 13-17, Brussels, 1000 Belgium

Projects in our region that need your support:

Camphill Baltic Seminar travel costs

Our Camphill communities in Eastern Europe have difficulties meeting the travel costs for their co-workers to attend the Camphill Baltic Seminar. The CNRA raises funds to support this activity.

More about the Camphill Baltic Seminar here.

To support this activity please donate via PayPal button above or contact us cnra@cnra.co

Rozkalni Camphill 3rd house

Description coming soon.

To support project find more information in Rozkalni Camphill webpage: www.camphillrozkalni.lv

House for Akvila Camphill

The house belongs to Akvila Camphill Day Center on the basis of a leasing agreement until December, 2020. We believe that this place is the best place for us to realize our goals, so we dream of raise funds to buy this house. We would appreciate any help in this matter.

To support project find more information in Akvila Camphill webpage www.akvila.lt or contact us akvila@akvila.lt